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You may have reached this page by receiving an Awaken or Feed request from an Immortal.  If so, click here for information on what it means to roleplay with Immortals and how to opt out if you do not want to receive further requests from them, or read on to learn more about the system.

In this Second Life Role-Playing system, get the HUD, choose your species, select your abilities and begin the adventure!

There’s a lot more than Humans, Vampires and Lycans out there.  Fae, Dragons, Angels, Witches, even Gods, Devils and Demons to name but a few.

The world of Immortals is one of balance.  No power comes without consequence.  As a Vampire or Lycan, you have greater strength in battle, but at a terrible price – your precious Vitae is consumed to fuel your increased strength and, if you are a vampire, you lose vitae on a nightly basis or, in the case of Lycans, you regenerate slower.  As a human, you may arm yourself with stakes, holywater and sanctity to be a slayer of evil vampires, but find these attacks ineffective against a Lycan of virtue, whereas a punch, which does less damage but has no cost may be the most powerful weapon in a sustained battle.

Not everyone is a warrior.  You may choose to be a healer or cleric, sacrificing attacks for the ability to heal those around you, protect them from being fed upon, strengthen or shield them in battle, or a range of other abilities.

In creating this system, we have worked to some fundamental principles:

  • Be as true to myth and lore as possible, given the contradictions that exist between stories
  • Maintain balance – no power without consequence – no upside without downside
  • No species is good or evil – it’s up to the character who plays them and what they decide to do
  • Self contained system.  You do not have to pay more to play and succeed.
  • Any tools or attacks you can use are built in, not purchased
  • Configurable.  Need a new species or attack?  Just ask for a change.

But most of all,


I hope you enjoy the Immortals system.

For more information, read the User Guide