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Breathers (living creatures) whose species is Contagious (e.g. Lycans, Witches, Fae) can pass their Species on to other Immortals in-world:

  • The target must be wearing their Immortals HUD
  • Stand within 10m of the character you want to change
  • Click the Change button on the right page of the HUD


  • If multiple Change FX are available, you will be asked to select the one you wish to use
  • You will then be prompted to select your target
  • The HUD will ask which species you wish to change them to (you may have a choice if you are a Hybrid of two Breather Species)
  • The target will be told of your offer to Change them and has the option of turning completely to the species you are offering, or becoming a hybrid of the species you offer plus one of their existing species.  If they are a hybrid of two species, they will give up at least one of those species to accept your offer.
  • The Change will commence, generating whatever FX are associated with it.  You will receive an “End Change” prompt via dialog menu
  • After 30 seconds, or when you click “End Change” the Change will be completed, activating the completion FX and the target’s HUD will update to reflect their new Species

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