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Opting Out

Anyone, Mortals, Mystics and Immortals, can Opt Out of the Immortals system at any time by teleporting to the Immortals Store and touching the OptOut Crystal you will find there.  You will never get an Immortal’s request again, even on Immortals enabled land.

A Mortal may Opt In to the system in a similar fashion, by using the Awakening Crystal in order to register with the system as a Mystic (non-HUD owner).

When an Immortal or Mystic Opts Out of the system, the following will happen:

  • If you are an Immortal and wearing your HUD, it will be detached
  • Your soul and any souls you own will be freed to the void, informing the soul owners of what has happened
  • If you are in an Immortals Group (Clan/Pack etc) you will leave and any “children” under you will be inherited by your parent
  • Your character will be archived, with its stats (including Vitae) preserved and no longer appear on the Immortals website
  • When you are assessed, you will show up as having opted out of the Immortals system
  • Nightly drain/regeneration will cease for you

There are a variety of reasons why an Immortal may choose to Opt Out, including being away from SL for a period of time and wanting to put their character “on ice”.

An Immortal may Opt In again in one of two ways:

  • Teleport to the Immortals Store and touching the Awakening Crystal you will find there
  • Wearing your Immortals HUD again