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As an Immortal, you will have full access to all the features of the Immortals system.  This includes:

  • Select a range of more powerful species than those available to Mystics
  • If you are Undead, being able to feed from others to obtain their Vitae
  • Turn or change others to your own species
  • Affect the Virtue of yourself and others using the Praise/Curse opinion features
  • Freely offer Vitae to other Immortals
  • Create, give or sell Vitae Gems
  • Trade in Immortal souls
  • Create Soul Cages to hold the souls you have obtained
  • Access the full range of functionality for a Group Leader within the Immortals system, including
    • Promoting members of your group above Level 1
    • Locating members of your group (with their permission) when they are online
    • Invite members into your group in-world using a range of roleplay mechanisms
  • Participate in Immortal combat, using a range of attacks and positive abilities, such as healing

For more information on these features, please read the User Guide or Reference Guide

To become an Immortal, you need simply to obtain the Empower Immortals HUD from the Immortals Store.

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