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Group Creation

To create an Immortals Group (Clan/Pack etc) you must be a loner (not a member of any group).  You may then create a group as follows:

  • Login to this website
  • Click on the Character link in the left sidebar
  • Click on the [New Group] link in the Group section of your character page

You MUST specify a name and term for your group.  The term is an adjective which describes what type of group it is.  e.g. Clan for Vampires, Pack for Lycans.  This will be used on the website immediately after the group name.  e.g. Name=Immortals Term=Group will display “Immortals Group” on the website.  It will also be used in-world when offering group membership.  e.g. “Blackdog Ashbourne is offering you membership in their Group”

You may also specify a website, Group Home location (used by the “GroupHome” button on the HUD to TP you to your group’s home location), an SL Group Name and an SL Group Key.

You can then tick or untick the Find and Paralyse buttons to specify which powers are available in your group.  See Group Powers for more details.

Level names are specific to a group and you may specify the names of the levels (1-6).

Once the details have been filled out, click on the Create Group button.  Your group will be created with you as its leader.

You may need to refresh your Immortals HUD info display to see the changes in-world.  Your HUD will then provide you with a SetHome option which you can use to update the Group Home location in-world rather than specifying it on the website as described above.