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Death and Revenants

When an Immortal’s or Mystic’s Vitae reaches 0, either due to being fed upon, nightly drain (for the Undead), combat or spellcasting (if integrated with Empower Magick), they will “die”.  If they are an Immortal and are wearing their Immortals HUD, they will fall to the ground and be locked in place for 30 seconds.

If an Immortal dies as a result of an Immortal Attack, the soul of the victor and any soul belonging to the victor’s Immortals Group (Clan/Pack etc) will be released to the void.

Fortunately for Immortals, death is but an inconvenience and after 30 seconds you will rise as a Revenant.

As a revenant, an Immortal is greatly weakened:

  • If undead, they will not be able to feed from others to restore their Vitae
  • They will not be able to trigger attacks which have a Vitae cost
  • They will however retain their Level, Group Membership/Leadership status and all other stats

A revenant can be resurrected in one of five ways:

  • Being offered Vitae by an Undead species (e.g. Vampires).  Note however that accepting Vitae from the Undead will turn a revenant to that species if the species being offered with the Vitae is contagious
  • Being offered Vitae by a Breather (e.g. Human, Witch, God, etc).  Such an offer must be of 4000 Vitae or more and 3500 Vitae will be burnt to resurrect the revenant, with the remainder being transferred to the revenant
  • Using a Vitae Gem with more than 3500 Vitae stored in it to Heal.  The first 3500 Vitae will be “burnt” to resurrect the revenant, with any remaining Vitae being transferred to them, up to a maximum of 5000.  See Vitae Gems for more details
  • Spending time in a regeneration station.  See here for details.
  • Being resurrected by an Immortal who has the Resurrect Ability.  See here for details.

A Mystic who dies can only be resurrected by using a Vitae Gem, a Regeneration Station, or a sufficiently powerful Immortal using the AreaHeal ability.