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Character Resets

You can reset your character via this web site at any time by clicking on the View Character link in the left side bar and clicking the “Reset” button underneath your name.

When you reset your character, it will be “reborn” anew.  This means you will leave your Immortals Group, lose all your statistics, including any souls you hold and start from scratch.

There may be situations where this is desirable – e.g. you decide to abandon playing an “Evil” character and switch to playing a “Good” character, or you may decide to play a species which can only be “Born that way” as it is not a contagious species.  e.g. Dragon, Elf etc.  Or you may have just purchased your Immortals HUD after being fed upon and wish to start anew as a Human or other species.

If you attempt to reset your character without leaving your Immortals Group, the reset page will give you a message explaining that you must first “Leave Your Group”.  Click on the word “Leave” in order to be taken to the page where you can do this.  Alternatively your Group Leader may dismiss you from the group in-world.  You can then attempt to reset your character again.

On the Reset page, you will have the option of choosing your base species and optional hybrid species (if you wish to be a hybrid of two species).  Hybrid Species are optional.  You must then type “Reset Me” in the box at the bottom of the page, with the exact case shown.  This is to protect against accidental resets.