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Elemental Alignment

Elemental Alignment

You may select an optional Elemental Alignment for your character using the Modify Character link in the left hand sidebar.

The diagram above shows the relative strengths of the Immortals Elements.

  • An Element is stronger than the two Elements its arrows point to
  • An Element is weaker than the two Elements whose arrows point to it
  • An Element is neutral toward all other Elements, including “None”

If you select an Elemental Alignment, this will affect your Combat Attacks and Abilities as follows:

  • When you use an Attack or Ability on a weaker Element, your Attack/Ability will be increased in power by 150%
  • When you use an Attack or Ability on a stronger Element, your Attack/Ability will be reduced in power by 50%

As shown in the diagram above, Fire is vulnerable to Water and Spirit and stronger than Dark and Air.  Fire will have extra power over Dark and Air and lower power against Water and Spirit.

If you do not wish to be subject to the Elemental factor, simply select an Elemental Alignment of “None”.  All Elements are then neutral towards you and you towards them.  (i.e. Elemental Alignment has no effect on your Attacks/Abilities).