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Vitae Gems

Only an Immortal can create a Vitae Gem, however both Mystics and Immortals can fill and heal from them.  Mortals and Non-Players cannot use a Vitae Gem.  A Vitae Gem is a mod/no-copy/trans item, so they may be transferred between players or sold.

You can request a Vitae Gem pack through your HUD by clicking on the Extras button:

HUDDiag2013010401-ExtrasThe pack contains a variety of scripted Vitae Gems along with a copy of the Vitae Gem script which you may place in any modifiable object.  The script is no-copy, so when you place it in an object, that object becomes no-copy.

Vitae Gems are a strength 1 device and all transfers into or out of the Gem are adjusted by the strength of the player, as shown in the following table:

Strength To Gem From Gem
1 Same Same
2 Multiplied by 2 Divided by 2
3 Multiplied by 3 Divided by 3
4 Multiplied by 4 Divided by 4

So a strength 2 player with 3000 Vitae who uses a Gem to heal will need 4000 vitae from the Gem, which when divided by their Strength of 2 gives them the 2000 Vitae they need.

When using a Vitae Gem to resurrect a revenant, 3500 Vitae is burnt to resurrect the revenant.  This is not scaled by strength.

Vitae Gems retain all unused Vitae after a heal.

Gems can be set to one of three modes by their owner:

  • Private – The Vitae Gem can only be used by its owner
  • Group – The Vitae Gem can be used by anyone in the same SL ™ group as the Vitae Gem
  • Public – anyone can use the Vitae Gem

When a non-owner accesses a Vitae Gem in Group or Public mode, they can perform the following operations:

  • Fill
  • Heal
  • Status

Only the owner of the Vitae Gem will be able to perform the following operations:

  • Activate (nightly drain will come from the Vitae Gem if the owner is Undead)
  • Deactive (nightly drain will not affect the Vitae Gem)
  • Public (set the Gem to Public mode)
  • Group (set the Gem to Group mode)
  • Private (set the Gem to Private mode)