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Talismans protect the souls you hold.  Talismans are available in the Extras pack which you may request through your HUD by clicking on the Extras button:

Only an Immortal can create a Talisman, however both Mystics and Immortals can fill them.  Mortals and Non-Players cannot use a Talisman.  A Talisman is a mod/no-copy/trans item, so they may be transferred between players or sold.HUDDiag2013010401-ExtrasThe Extras pack contains a scripted Talisman, along with a copy of the Talisman script which you may place in any modifiable object.  The script is no-copy, so when you place it in an object, that object becomes no-copy.

Talismans are a Strength 1 artifact and all transfers into or out of them are adjusted by the strength of the player, as shown in the following table:

Strength Received on Fill
Taken by StealSoul/FreeSoul
1 Same
2 Multiplied by 2
3 Multiplied by 3
4 Multiplied by 4

Talimans can be set to one of three modes by their owner:

  • Private – The Talisman can only be used by its owner
  • Group – The Talisman can be used by anyone in the same SL ™ group as the Talisman
  • Public – anyone can use the Talisman

When a non-owner accesses a Talisman in Group or Public mode, they can perform the following operations:

  • Fill
  • Activate
  • Deactivate
  • Status

To be effective, your Talisman must be imbued (filled) with Vitae and Activated to protect the souls you hold.

When someone attempts to steal or free a soul you hold, if you have one or more Talismans Activated, the Immortal making the attempt will be depleted by up to 1000 Vitae.  Any Talisman(s) which you have Activated will be depleted by 1000 * the Species Strength of the Immortal making the attempt.  The loss will be incurred across all activated Talismans in proportion to the Vitae they hold.

If the Talisman holds less Vitae than 1000 multiplied by Species Strength of the Immortal making the attempt, they will only lose the amount of Vitae the Talisman holds divided by their Species Strength.

Talismans in Soul Cages

You may add a Talisman script to a Soul Cage.  Provided you do not Activate the Talisman in the Cage, it will provide additional protection to the soul held in that cage once all your Activated Talismans have been overwhelmed.