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Training Room

If you wish to practise your Attacks/Abilities against other Immortals without risking becoming a Revenant, if you wish to try out different Species, Attacks or Abilities without invoking the 48 hour lockout on these changes, or if you wish to try out other aspects of the system without impacting your Vitae, you may wish to use the Immortals Training Room at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Smallhaven/80/145/42.

When you enter the Training Room, you will be placed in Stasis.  The system will store your stats and restore them again when you leave.  Almost anything that happens inside the Training Room will be undone when you leave and your stats are restored.  This includes:

  • Your Vitae level
  • Your Species
  • Your Attacks/Abilities
  • Your Virtue


  • The Training Room contains refill stations for limited quantity Attacks (e.g. Stakes, HolyWater and Poison)
  • There is an “Instant Regeneration” chamber which will instantly heal you whilst in Stasis
  • The cool down period on the Modify Character page on this website is suspended whilst you are in Stasis, so you can make as many changes as you like
  • The limit on Praise/Curse is also lifted whilst in Stasis, since their effects will be undone once you leave
  • The cooldown period on Attacks can be cleared by refreshing your HUD (clicking below the line on the right hand page)


Group Changes

The only changes that are not undone when you leave are those which relate to your group.  You will be unable to perform any group related actions whilst in the Immortals Training Room, however if your parent or group leader dismisses you from the group, changes your parent or alters your level whilst you are in the Stasis of the Training Room, this will not be undone when you leave.

Vitae Gems

You may also use VitaeGems whilst in the Training Room, however note that the Vitae stored in your Gems will not actually change if you use them whilst in Stasis.  They will heal you, but not lose any Vitae.  You may fill them, but nothing will be stored.  This allows you to heal yourself using a Gem without incurring any cost, but prevents you from taking advantage of the instant heal to fill a Gem.


Soul Trading will not work whilst you are in Stasis.


You can Feed and Offer whilst in Stasis, but only if your Target is also in Stasis.


Praise/Curse will only work if the target is also in Stasis with you, since the effect on both of your Virtues must either be retained or undone when you leave and because the cooldown period on Praise/Curse is lifted whilst in Stasis.

HUD Sync

Wait 10 seconds after an action which has affected your Vitae before leaving the Training Room.  This is because the HUD will cache certain Vitae transactions for a period of time.  If you do something which reduces your Vitae and immediately leave the Training Room, the HUD will perform the transaction after you leave, making it permanent.