Login using the Login (e.g. John Resident) and Password obtained by clicking Register on your Immortals HUD.

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To feed from your target, click the “Feed” button on the right page of the HUD:

(Note that this page is currently undergoing change and the “Bite” button on the HUD displayed below now reads “Feed” on newer HUDs)


You will be presented with a dialog menu to select your feed type (e.g. Feed:DfltVamp) which will determine the animations, sounds and particles that accompany your feeding.  This dialog also contains a FangMenu option which will activate the Fangs menu instead of Feeding.

Once you select your Feed type, you will then be asked to select your target.

Whenever you attempt to feed from a Mortal, they will receive a prompt asking them whether they wish to allow or decline the feed attempt, or request a notecard providing them with information about the system and what their options are as a Mortal.  If they allow you to feed, they will be Awakened as a Mystic in the Immortals system, which means they are added to the Immortals database and provided with a login and password to this website.

If your target is a Mystic or Immortal they will be warned in local chat that you are going to feed from them, and permission will automatically be granted, unless the land owner has specified different behaviour (see Immortals Land Options in the Reference Guide).

If permission is required, once it is granted, you will move to your target and begin feeding.

Click the Release button on the HUD, or simply walk away from your target, in order to stop feeding.

The HUD will automatically select animations suited to your height and that of your target, however if your target is significantly higher than you, you may wish to fly before feeding, in which case the HUD will move you up into place.

NOTE: Due to a bug in Second Life, you may need to tap the forward key (up arrow) in order to begin moving.  Details here.


A target must be within 20m for you to feed from them and must remain within 2m of you once feeding has commenced.

Your target must be an avatar (not an object) and not have opted out of the Immortals system (See Opting Out in the Reference Guide)

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