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Talismans protect the souls you hold.  When a StealSoul or FreeSoul attempt is made on a soul you hold, the Talisman will be depleted by the amount of Vitae that has been put into the attempt.  If this exceeds the amount held in the Talisman, the attempt will succeed, otherwise it will fail.

To interact with a Talisman, rez it in-world or wear it, click on it and select one of the following options from the dialog menu:

  • Status – To display the ID, Vitae held and Activation status of the Talisman
  • Activate – To activate the Talisman to protect the souls you hold
  • Deactivate – To prevent the Talisman from being affected when someone tries to steal or free the souls you hold
  • Public – Allow anyone to use the Talisman
  • Group – Allow the Talisman to be used by anyone in the same SL ™ group as the Talisman
  • Private – Ensure the Talisman can only be used by its owner
  • Fill [nnn] – To start transferring [nnn] Vitae into the Talisman (will allow you to put in all but your last unit of Vitae)

When a non-owner accesses a Talisman in Group or Public mode, they can perform the following operations:

  • Fill
  • Activate
  • Deactivate
  • Status

You can view a list of your Talismans and the Vitae they contain by clicking “Your Artifacts” in the left hand sidebar of this website.  From there you can do the following:

  • View script version (will tell you if you need to update)
  • View a log of all activities which have drained Vitae from your Talisman
  • Add email addresses to be notified when your Talisman is affected
  • Transfer Vitae between Talismans or from Vitae Gems to Talismans (but not the other way)
  • Delete entries for empty Talismans which you have deleted in-world

To request an Extras pack containing a Talisman, click the Extras button on your HUD:

HUDDiag2013010401-ExtrasFor more details on Talismans, including the way Vitae is scaled according to your strength and making your own objects into Talismans, see the Talismans section of the Reference Guide

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