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Empower Magick Integration

How to load Immortals into your Empower Magick HUD

In your Immortals pack you will find an “Empower Magick Immortals Loader EIMod v5 nnnnnnnnnn” object (where nnnnnnnnnn is the revision number.  e.g. 2013062301).  If you own an Empower Magick HUD use the following steps to integrate Immortals functionality into your Empower Magick HUD:

  • First, make a backup copy of your Empower Magick HUD (right click it in inventory, select Copy then Paste)
  • Rename each copy to something meaningful to you (e.g. Empower v5 HUD without Immortals, Empower v5 HUD with Immortals)
  • Wear the copy that you wish to load Immortals functionality in to
  • Rez or wear the “Empower Magick Immortals Loader”.  If rezzed, it will appear as a floating book.  If worn, it will appear at the bottom of the screen
  • Click the updater to activate it.  It will then load Immortals functionality into your Empower Magick HUD

Common Mistakes

Do not try applying an update to the Immortals HUD to your Empower Magick HUD.  Immortals updates are named “Empower Immortals Update (EI) v5 nnnnnnnnnn”.  To load Immortals functionality into your Empower Magick HUD, you need the “Empower Magick Immortals Loader EIMod v5 nnnnnnnnnn”.

What will I see once I load Immortals into Empower Magick?

When integrated into the Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD, the following changes will occur:

  • You will have an extra tab on your HUD labelled “Immort”.  This contains the Immortals functionality.
  • Your Meter options will change from “Off / Mana” to “Off / Mana / Vitae”.  Vitae mode will enable the Immortals functionality
  • Breathers who cast spells will consume Mana.  Undead will consume Vitae for spellcasting instead of Mana based on the following formula:

    Vitae Consumed = Mana * Round((7 – Level) * 3 / Strength)

  • It is possible for the land owner to “Lock” an Empower Magick + Immortals HUD into Vitae mode whilst you are on their land, using the “manalock” command within an Empower Magick Land Spell Relay.  The Vitae Lock will release once you depart the land where the lock was initiated