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Immortals Search

Name, Species or Group


As an Immortal, you have insight into the nature of those around you.

To see the Species and stats of someone near you, you can click the Assess button on the right page of the HUD.

HUDDiag2013010401-AssessThis will list the following information:

  • Species (including custom species name if set)
  • Species stats (Strength, Contagion, Undead/Breather)
  • Group name and level
  • Vitae and Virtue amounts
  • Where their soul is held
  • Whether the target is an Immortal (has an Immortals HUD), a Mystic (no HUD but registered with the system), a Mortal (not registered with the system) or has opted out of the Immortals system (cannot be fed upon)
  • Whether the target is available for feeding or must provide permission due to being on Immortals:Disabled or Immortals:Ask land

You can also Assess Soul Cages to determine whether they are empty or hold a soul and if so, whose.

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