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Awakening Mortals

As an Immortal, you have the ability to Awaken Mortals to their Mystical nature (register them with the system) if they provide their permission.

To do this:

  • Click the Awaken button on your Immortals HUD
  • Select your target (must be within 20m and not already registered in the Immortals system)

Your target will receive a dialog prompt informing them of your request.  They have the following options:

  • Accept – your offer will be accepted (see below)
  • Decline – your offer will be declined and they will not be registered as a Mystic
  • MoreInfo – your offer will be declined and they will instead be sent more information about being Awakened

If a Mortal accepts your offer to Awaken them, the HUD will generate the FX of the Awaken function, register the target in the Immortals database as a Mystic (free player without a HUD) and send them a login and password for this website in local chat.

As the Immortal who Awakened them, you will be responsible for guiding them through logging in and setting their species.  They will have full access to the website and the ability to configure their character, except for Attacks/Abilities.

If at any time a Mystic needs to reset their password or sync their display name with the Immortals database due to having changed it in-world, they can do so by teleporting to the Immortals Store and using the Awakening Crystal there.

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