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Immortals Land Options

As a landowner, you can control the abilities of Immortals when on your land by including one of the following in your parcel description.  Note that this is controlled at a parcel level, so if you own a sim which is split into parcels, you can and must make a decision about the Immortals options on each parcel:

  • Immortals:Ask – Always prompt for permission to feed.  Attacks allowed.
  • Immortals:Disabled – Feeding, Attacking, Praise, Curse and Soul stealing or gathering not allowed

The default behaviour if none of these is specified is:

  • Prompt for permission when feeding from Mortals
  • Do no prompt for permission when feeding from Immortals or Mystics
  • Attacks allowed

Only the first 3 characters after the colon are considered by the HUD, so any of the following are valid:

  • Immortals:AskForPermission
  • Immortals:Dis
  • Immortals:DisAllowed


You can of course provide a more descriptive explanation in your parcel header, such as “Immortals:Ask – you may be prompted to be fed from here”.

Cross-Parcel Actions

When characters are standing on different parcels, the permissions apply as follows:


The settings of the parcel the target is standing on apply.  For example, an Immortal who is on an unrestricted parcel who attempts to feed from someone who is standing in an adjacent Immortals:Disabled parcel, will be unable to do so.


The settings of both parcels apply.  Both the attacker/caster and their victim must be on land which is not flagged as Immortals:Disabled