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As the leader of an Immortals Group, you have some powers and responsibilities that differ to those of any other Immortal

  • Your level is determined by the size of your group.  The level of those under you is then set by you up to or including your own level, based on tests and criteria that you determine.
  • You are the only member of the group who can set a child’s level equal to your own (excluding Level 6 which you cannot pass on to your children)
  • You can name the levels in your group in any way you wish
  • You can restructure your group (the parent/child relationships) from your Group page (click “View Character” in the left hand sidebar, then click on your group name)
  • You can only leave your group if it is empty or you nominate a successor
  • You will receive an extra “SetHome” button on your HUD which can be used to define the Group Home location in-world instead of using the website
  • You can determine whether the Find and Paralyse Group Powers are available to members of your group or only to you as group leader

Mystics who create their own group can attain a level higher than one, but without the Immortals HUD, cannot set the level of other members of their group, who will remain at Level 1 and cannot utilise any of the Group Powers provided by the Immortals HUD.

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