Login using the Login (e.g. John Resident) and Password obtained by clicking Register on your Immortals HUD.

Immortals Search

Name, Species or Group

HUD Layout


  • A – Help Button – takes you to the user guide on the website
  • B – Click to hide (minimise) the HUD
  • C – Click for HUD configuration options
  • D – Configure Immortals Claws and Fangs (obtained by clicking the Extras button)
  • E – Create a website account, change your password, or Login to the website
  • F – Soul Functions
  • G – Group Functions (some or all of these may be available depending on how your Group (Clan/Pack etc) is set up
  • H – Assess.  Display the stats of a player in the same sim as you – Mortal/Mystic/Immortal/Non-Player, what are their Vitae levels, are they a Revenant, etc.
  • I – Invite another Immortal to your Group (Clan/Pack etc).  Only appears on your HUD if you are a member of a Group
  • J – Attacks.  Stand within 2m of an Immortal, face them and click to attack, or use Left-Click + cursor keys to activate (Melee style) if the Melee checkbox is ticked
  • K – Opinions.  Register a positive or negative opinion on an Immortal, affecting their Virtue and yours
  • L – Undead Functions.  Feed, Offer Vitae, or Release a target.  Only available if you are Undead (Vampire, Demon, Devil, etc)
  • M – Breather Functions.  Offer to Change another Immortal to one of your Species.  Only available if your Species is contagious
  • N – Request delivery of the Immortals Extras (Fangs, Claws, Soul Cages, VitaeGems, scripts etc)
  • O – Open the map to teleport to your Group Home if one is defined for your Group (Clan/Pack etc)
  • P – Info Display – shows your character’s current stats.  Click to refresh if you make changes on the website
  • Q – Meter, displaying your current Mana/Vitae levels.  For Breathers, Mana and Vitae will show.  For the Undead, only Vitae will show.  When attacking or being attacked, attack status will display here

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