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Players without a HUD who are not registered with the Immortals system are “Mortal” in the Immortals system.  There is no cost at all to be a Mortal in this system.   Mortals have these options:

  1. Ignore this whole Immortals thing for now
  2. Accept a feed request
  3. Be Awakened as a Mystic
  4. Fight using any impact based weaponry
  5. Run away if an Undead Immortal tries to feed from you
  6. Opt out anytime so you never receive another feed request again
  7. Register to become an Immortal yourself.  Particularly if you don’t like Vampires

1. As a Mortal (unregistered player) members of the Immortals system cannot interact with you without your permission.  The Immortals system includes a range of species, some of which are Undead and need to feed from the living.  Undead Immortals include Vampires, Demons, Wraiths and a range of other species.  If an Undead Immortal attempts to feed from you, you may ignore or refuse the feed request.  You’ll get another request the next time an Undead Immortal tries to feed from you.  You can also decline or ignore it and any other notices after it.  An Immortal cannot feed from you without your permission.

2. Accept a feed request – click “Allow” in the dialog box and respond “Yes” to the animation request. Our Immortals database will register you as a Mystic without any purchase at all.  You’ll start at full 5000 Vitae.  If you accept and just stay here, you will lose some of that vitae and get some experience with our system for free.  Your Virtue as recorded by our system will also drop.  Mystics regenerate 500 Vitae every night, so you can continue to role play with Immortals Vampires or other Undead species this way indefinitely, provided they do not completely drain you.  This may be all that is needed for those who simply want to RP with Vampires.

Importantly, allowing an Undead Immortal to feed from you does not mean you lose your soul or that the Immortal has any power over you.

3. Be Awakened as a Mystic (free player) – if an Immortal may offer to Awaken you as a Mystic in our system, click “Accept” and you will be registered in our system.  You may also teleport to the Immortals Store and use the Awakening Crystal there to Awaken yourself as a Mystic.

4. Arm yourself and fight Immortals using ANY weaponry which fires a projectile (e.g. DCS), but to truly affect an Immortal you must BE an Immortal, with a range of more powerful abilities that this opens up to you.

5. If you run away by moving more than 2m away from an Immortal who tries to feed from you, you will prevent them from doing so.

6. Opt out.  At any time, teleport to the Immortals Store and touch the OptOut Crystal you will find there.  You will never get an Immortal’s request again, even on Immortals enabled land.  You can change your mind later and use the Awakening Crystal to add yourself to the system as a free player.

7. Become an Immortal yourself. At anytime, go get the Empower Immortals HUD from the Immortals Store.

With the HUD, you can choose your Immortal species from a very large list.  Immortals includes not only Vampires and other Undead that must drink Vitae (life force, or for Vampires, blood) to remain vital, it includes Humans, Lycans, Fae, Witches, Angels, Demons, Gods, Devils and their many hybrids, with more Immortal species being added easily if you do not find one that suits you.  Each race has a wide range of effective attacks, defenses and outcomes available, in addition to the attacks other systems might give you.  So if you don’t like Vampires, this may be the system for you as you will be able to deal with them in ways a Mortal cannot.

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