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Your Immortals HUD comes with a set of texture-changeable fully modifiable fangs for use by those Undead who obtain Vitae by drinking the blood of others (e.g. Vampires) with retract/show/internal options and sounds.  Your Immortals Fangs will generate blood particles when you feed or are offered Vitae.

Obtaining your Immortals Fangs

To receive the latest version, click the Extras button on your HUD.HUDDiag2013010401-ExtrasRez the delivered pack and copy its contents to inventory.

Wearing and adjusting your Immortals Fangs

Simply right click the fangs in inventory and select “Wear” (you may wish to make a backup copy first).

As every avatar is different, the fangs will need to be positioned appropriately for your avatar.  By default, they come in the “Display” position with the main biting fangs to appear outside your lip and located slightly in front of your mouth.  Right click the fangs and select “Edit” to position them appropriately for your avatar.  You may wish to use the pose stand included in the Extras pack to simplify this if your avatar moves around a lot due to its AO.  This pose stand also allows you to turn a Snarl facial expression on/off so that you can see how your fangs appear with your avatar’s mouth open and closed.

Configuring your Immortals Fangs

The fangs are controlled via a dialog menu.  The menu can be activated one of four ways:

  • Left click the fangs
  • Click the “Feed” option on your HUD and select “FangMenu”
  • Click the “FangMenu” button on your HUD
  • Type “/5 fangs” whilst wearing your HUD

The menu presents you with the following options:

TipToggle Make blood tips appear on the ends of the two external fangs
White Set the fangs to pure white (for that gleaming bite)
Yellow Set the fangs to a slightly yellowed colour
CleanFangs Set the two external fangs to a clean teeth texture
BlotchFangs Set the two external fangs to a blood blotched teeth texture
SmearFangs Set the two external fangs to a smeared blood teeth texture
CleanTeeth Set the internal fangs to a clean teeth texture
BlotchTeeth Set the internal fangs to a blood blotched teeth texture
SmearTeeth Set the internal fangs to a smeared blood teeth texture
Visible Display the two external fangs
Retracted Retract the two external fangs so that only the internal teeth show
Internal Show the two external fangs inside the mouth – only visible when your mouth is open

 Customising your Immortals Fangs

You can texture and colour the fangs manually by editing them as any other object/attachment.

You can move the internal teeth around to fit properly in your mouth, however if you move the two external fangs, you will need to do so with them in “Display” position (external to the mouth) and reset the script inside the fangs once you are done.  Please take a backup copy of your fangs when doing this and *NEVER* reset the script in the fangs unless they are in “Display” position.

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