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Every character has a soul. The souls of Immortals may be held by themselves, by another Immortal, by a Soul Cage, or released to the void.  The souls of Mortals and Mystics are not available to Immortals and can only be held by themselves or lost to the void.

If you use ResetChar to be reborn as an Undead species or Undead hybrid, your soul will be lost to the void, where it can be retrieved by another Immortal using the GatherSoul function of the HUD, unless you are a Mystic in which case your soul cannot be retrieved.

Immortal Souls can be traded (given to others) using the GiveSoul feature of the HUD.

Immortal Souls can be stolen (from whoever holds the Soul) by using the SealStoul feature of the HUD provided any Talismans protecting the soul can be overwhelmed.

Immortal Souls can be released back to the void by using the FreeSoul feature of the HUD, provided any Talismans protecting the soul can be overwhelmed.  When you are defeated in Immortal Combat (i.e. by having your Vitae reach 0 as the result of an Immortals Attack only) if you hold the soul of your victor or any soul belonging to their Immortals Group (Clan/Pack etc), those souls will be freed to the void.

An Undead Immortal whose soul is given back to them reverts to being the species they were “born” as – usually “Immortal” unless they have reset their character at some point.

Soul Transactions affect your virtue as shown:

Action Virtue Impact
GatherSoul +ve Virtue
FreeSoul +ve Virtue
GiveSoul to original Owner +ve Virtue
GiveSoul to other than original Owner -ve Virtue
StealSoul -ve Virtue

The only exception to this is if the soul is held in a Soul Cage that you own, in which case there is no impact on your Virtue.

Your ability to successfully use StealSoul or GatherSoul depends on whether it is protected by a Talisman

Soul Cages

Souls may be transferred to and held in Soul Cages.  You can request a Soul Cage by clicking the Extras button on the left page of your HUD (or Immort->[MORE]->Extras on the Empower Magick Immortals integrated HUD).  Only an Immortal can own a Soul Cage.  Soul Cages given to Mystics or Mortals will not hold a Soul and attempting to transfer a Soul into them will result in it being released to the void.

  • Once rezzed, a soul cage will show on your radar whilst you are within 10m of it
  • The Assess command will report the status of a soul cage, as will the floating text on top of it
  • Transfer a soul into a soul cage using the GiveSoul spell and specifying the Soul Cage as the target, then select the soul to transfer into it
  • You can steal a soul held in a soul cage using the StealSoul spell, but you must be near the soul cage or the original soul owner to do it and only if you can overwhelm any Talismans protecting it.
  • Change the name of your soul cage by editing it and changing the object name, then left click the soul cage to update its name on the server

Creating your own soul cages (customisation)

You may copy the scripts held in the sample soul cage and place them in your own objects.  There are two scripts:

  • Immortals SoulCage Script – this script is no-mod/copy/transfer and handles the interactions with the server
  • Immortals SoulBottleFX Script – this script is full perm and you may use it to adjust the FX to be appropriate to your object

You may also place a Talisman script into a Soul Cage to provide additional protection to the soul it holds.  See the Talismans section of this Reference Guide for details